Gen4 Static Eliminators

Blow away static and dust! Neutralise and clean at distances up to 6.1m (20-feet)!

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Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife™

Powerful static eliminator prevents jamming, tearing, shocks and dust up to 6.1m (20-feet) away!

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Gen4 Standard Ion Air Knife™

A sheet of ionised air is an effective way to eliminate static and clean parts or materials!

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Gen4 Ionizing Bars

Low cost Ionizing Bars eliminate static cling! Compact, rugged design for industrial applications.

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Gen4 Super Ion Air Wipe™

Ring of ionised airflow clamps around the part! Neutralises and cleans continuous moving surfaces!

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Gen4 Ion Air Cannon™

Quiet, efficient, concentrated flow of ionised air removes static and dust!

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Intellistat Ion Air Gun™

Lightweight solution for static and particulate elimination in sensitive processes

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Gen4 Ion Air Gun

Rugged ergonomic gun is a lightweight, effective spot cleaner.

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Gen4 Ion Air Jet™

Delivers a concentrated airflow that can cover a precise spot without disturbing other areas.

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Gen4 Ionizing Point™

Single point ionizer for spot neutralisation!

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Gen4 Power Supplies

Selectable Voltage: For use with all Gen4 Static Eliminators

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Digital Static Meter

Locate the source of the static problem!

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