Intellistat Ion Air Gun™

Lightweight solution for static and particulate elimination in sensitive processes

What is The Intellistat Ion Air Gun?

The patent pending Intellistat is the newest innovation in a long line of EXAIR static elimination solutions. The intelligent product utilises balanced and ionised compressed air to neutralise static and remove troublesome particulates during clean processes, test procedures and sensitive assembly work. With a +/- 30-volt offset, the Intellistat is designed to consume minimal compressed air while simultaneously delivering precise blow-off and exceptional static decay rates capable of reducing 5000 volts to less than 500 in under one second. The design hosts an efficient, low voltage transformer converting 120V to 24V to assure safety, while also utilising EXAIR engineered air nozzles ensuring it meets all OSHA requirements for sound level and dead-end pressure.

Equipped with a short-throw, fast acting and effortless trigger, the Intellistat’s lightweight frame (less than 200 grams) allows extended use without fatigue, while also providing a dependable and low maintenance solution. The Model 8500 Intellistat Ion Air Gun is also fitted with handy features such as a 6mm air connection, red and green LED lights to signify ionised air is being produced, and a hook for convenient hanging and storage. The 316SS emitter point is so simple to change, it can be completed in less than one minute. It’s fashioned from durable dissipative polycarbonate to assure its usefulness in applications requiring non-conductivity such as circuit boards or electronics manufacturing, and utilises clean, ionised compressed air essential for removing dust, static, or particulate contaminants in sterile environments such as laboratories, clean rooms, or scientific testing.

How the Intellistat Ion Air Gun Works

Pressing the full finger, short throw trigger (1) activates the static eliminating ions and airflow. Proper or improper functionality is indicated by a green or red LED (2). The non-marring nozzle (3) provides quiet performance and OSHA compliance. A hanger hook (4) is included to keep the Intellistat conveniently stored.


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Flow Air Consumption Sound Level
30 2.1 2.7 76.46 76
80 5.5 5.8 164.21 81

Force & Discharge Time

Pressure Supply Force @ 12″ (305mm) From Target Discharge Time 1000V to 100V Discharge Time 5000V to 500V
PSIG BAR LBS Oz Grams Seconds Seconds
30 2.1 0.02 0.32 9.1 1.2 1.2
80 5.5 0.10 1.60 45.4 0.6 0.6

Discharge rate taken from 1″ (25mm) away


  • Precision parts assembly
  • Maintain charge neutrality in laboratory processes
  • Remove particles from parts and surfaces in clean environments
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing
  • Maintain cleanliness during electronics manufacturing and assembly
  • Eliminating electrostatic discharge
  • Remove debris from medical products
  • Clean glass containers, slides and lenses


  • Rapid static decay
  • Low voltage operation
  • Quick change emitter point
  • Comfortable, short throw trigger for ionization
  • Light weight for prolonged use
  • OSHA safe air outlet
  • LED indicators for proper and improper functionality


Certifications: The Intellistat Ion Air Gun is UL listed and CE and RoHS compliant.

Power Supply Input: 100-240V – 50/60 Hz 0.7A Max

Power Supply Output: EXAIR Model 902067 Power Supply (24VDC, 1.0A Max) is required for Intellistat Ion Air Gun operation. Included with Intellistat Ion Air Gun.

Electrical Hazard: Shockless (less than 40 microamperes short circuited)

Do not use near flammable materials or gases.

Balance: ±30V

            Size of Hand Unit: 162 mm (6-3/8”) W x 171mm (6-3/4”) L x 25mm (1”) H

            Weight of Hand Unit: 191g (0.42lb)

Operating Temperature: 0˚C to 41˚C (32˚F to 105˚F)

Materials of Construction: Static Resistant Polycarbonate

Emitter: Stainless Steel

Gas Input: 30psi – 125psi Clean Dry Compressed Air or Nitrogen

Air Connection: 6mm tube




Intellistat Ion Air Gun
Model Description
8500 Intellistat Ion Air Gun
includes 24VDC Power Supply with power cable and 3.05m (10-foot) x 6mm OD/4mm ID compressed air tubing
902067 Replacement 24VDC Power Supply – included in system listed above


Digital Static Meter
Locate the source of the static problem

EXAIR’s Model 7905 Digital Static Meter is sensitive and responsive. It indicates the surface voltage and polarity on objects up to ±20 kV when measured 25mm (1”) away.

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Filters, Regulators, Valves & More

With proper filtration of dirt, moisture and oil from the compressed air supply, EXAIR compressed air products will operate for years with no maintenance required. Use a 5 micron or smaller filter separator on the compressed air supply. To prevent problems associated with oil, use a 0.03 micron or smaller oil removal filter on the compressed air supply. Pressure regulators permit easy selection of the operating pressure, providing infinite control of flow, force and air consumption

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