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Flexible, self-sealing wall boot provides a sanitary seal around pipe and tube

Designed to completely seal around pipe and tube as it passes through walls, floors and ceilings, PIPETITE® is completely flexible and forms a sanitary seal that allows for pipeline movement – unlike metal wall plates or escutcheons. It eliminates the need to silicone the joint making installation quick and easy. PIPETITE® stays in place and maintains a seal while allowing for significant vibration and movement of the pipe. Manufactured from FDA certified hygienic white silicone, PIPETITE® is available in several styles and sizes, and can be adapted to fit most pipe or tube diameters, including pneumatic tube and electrical cable.

PIPETITE’s air-tight seal keeps water, bugs, dirt, mould and dust out, and helps to isolate process areas from public spaces. With virtually limitless applications, it can effectively seal pipe, tube or other structural equipment through concrete walls, outside piping, ceiling holes and other openings.

The hygienic silicone rubber from which PIPETITE® products are manufactured is compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifications. It is resistant to cracking, weathering, extreme temperatures and water. Tested to the equivalent of 158 years of outdoor use, PIPETITE® remained waterproof and showed no signs of degradation. It retains its flexibility indefinitely – regardless of the conditions. The durable PIPETITE® has a temperature rating of -40°C to +260°C.

Self-sealing ridges incorporated into the stainless steel base provide excellent surface contact and eliminate the need for caulks and sealants. Superior pliancy allows for significant vibration and movement of the pipe without breaking the seal or cracking, enabling a secure and quiet facility.

Grommet, Pneumatic Grommet & Multi Grommet

PIPETITE® Grommets are ideal for creating water-tight seals around wires and tubing as they enter cabinets, enclosures and panels.

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PIPETITE® ReBoot is specifically designed for easy installation around existing pipe.

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PIPETITE® Standard

PIPETITE® Standard is ideal for new installations where the boot can slide over the end of tubing prior to being installed.

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PIPETITE® Flat is designed for hard-to-fit spaces such as jacketed tank installations, although its possible applications are almost limitless.

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PIPETITE® Anchors are drive-style fasteners that feature a clean, recess-free surface and are specifically designed for mounting PIPETITE® products.

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Pipe-In-Pipe Sleeve Boot & Sleeve ReBoot

Designed specifically for sealing around tube-in-tube transitions, PIPETITE® Pipe-In-Pipe Sleeve Boot has robust lip seals that provide excellent surface contact.

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