Wear Resistant Pneumatic Conveyor Provides High Throughput

EXAIR’s new 2-1/2” (64mm) NPT Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac™ is a powerful in-line conveyor that transports high volumes of material through ordinary pipe. Designed for rugged, industrial applications, it has a hardened alloy construction that helps prevent premature wear when transporting abra...

Learn More 24 th September, 2020

New EasySwitch Vac Simplifies the Process of Vacuuming Wet and Dry Materials

EXAIR’s new EasySwitch® Wet-Dry Vac simplifies the filter change process when switching from vacuuming a dry material to a liquid or vice versa. Utilising minimal compressed air, the EasySwitch is a powerful pneumatic vacuum that is ideal for any application - wet, dry, light and heavy. The fa...

Learn More 12 th August, 2020

1/4″ Liquid Nozzle for Cooling, Washing and Rinsing

EXAIR’s 1/4" FullStream™ liquid atomizing spray nozzle provides a full cone spray pattern for pressurised liquids. They are applied to solve cooling, cleaning, washing, rinsing and dust suppression applications for industry. Their tangential flow design is vaneless, which creates wide open inter...

Learn More 16 th July, 2020

Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters Monitor Pressure and Flow

EXAIR's Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters provide a way for plant personnel to monitor pressure and flow throughout a compressed air system. A pressure sensor is mounted between the two flow sensing probes and the display can be configured to show air pressure or air flow. A transistor output can ...

Learn More 18 th June, 2020

ToolReg® In-line Air Regulator

Factory set to prevent pressure changes, the ToolReg® is fully tamper-proof and ensures that only the required pressure is used for each individual pneumatic tool. The automatic secondary pressure relief releases all the residual pressure in the pneumatic tool to prevent unexpected activation (comm...

Learn More 2 nd June, 2020

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