Super Air Wipe™

Blowoff, dry, clean and cool pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, and wire!

Split design requires no threading!

The split design of the Super Air Wipe unlatches easily to eliminate threading.

What is the Super Air Wipe?

EXAIR’s Super Air Wipe provides a uniform 360° airstream that is ideal for blowoff, drying, cleaning and cooling of pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more. The split design offers easy clamping around the surface of the material moving through it, eliminating the need for threading. Available from 3/8” (10mm) through 11” (279mm) diameters.

All models include stainless steel screws and shims. Stainless steel wire braided hose is also included on sizes up to 4″ (102mm) for added corrosion and heat resistance. Aluminium models are rated for temperatures up to 204°C (400°F) and stainless steel models for temperatures up to 427°C (800°F).

Prior to the introduction of the Super Air Wipe, the only way to blowoff, dry, clean and cool cylindrical, round, or extruded surfaces was to use a ring of air nozzles. The high air consumption and noise levels of the nozzles along with inconsistent air velocity often delivered poor results.

The Super Air Wipe provides a high volume, high velocity airflow that is uniformly ejected from the 360° of its inner diameter. The airstream attaches itself to the material running through it to effectively wipe, clean or dry surfaces. Velocity can be varied from a “blast” to a “breeze”. Air consumption and noise are low.

How The Air Wipe Works

Compressed air flows through an inlet (1) of the Air Wipe into an annular chamber (2). It is then throttled through a small ring nozzle (3) at high velocity. This primary airstream adheres to the Coanda profile (4), which directs it down the angled surface of the Air Wipe. A low pressure area is created at the centre (5) inducing a high volume flow of surrounding air into the primary airstream. As the airflow leaves the Air Wipe, it creates a conical 360° ring of air that attaches itself to the surface of the material running through it (6), uniformly wiping the entire surface with the high velocity airflow.

Super Air Wipe Is Easy To Use

There is a 1/4″ female inlet on each half of the Super Air Wipe on sizes up to 7″ (178mm). Sizes 9” (229mm) and larger include two 1/4″ female inlets on each half in order to maintain proper air volume and performance. Aluminium Super Air Wipes up to 4″ (102mm) include a brass tee that supplies one half directly and a stainless steel wire braided coupling hose rated at 204°C (400°F) to supply the other half. Stainless steel Super Air Wipes up to 4″ (102mm) include a stainless steel tee and a stainless steel wire braided coupling hose rated at 427°C (800°F). Larger sizes should be piped directly.

Tapped holes on the downstream side are provided for permanent mounting if the Super Air Wipe is not held in place with rigid pipe. Coupling brackets that hold each half of the Super Air Wipe together are provided which can be installed or removed quickly if required.

The aluminium Super Air Wipe is available in 11 sizes from 3/8” (10mm) to 11” (279mm) diameter. The stainless steel Super Air Wipe is available in 5 sizes from ½” (13mm) to 4” (102mm) diameter. Special diameter Super Air Wipes are available.


  Air Consumption at Sound Level
80 PSIG 5.5 BAR @ 3′ (914mm)
2399 11.1 314 82
2400, 2400SS 13.9 394 80
2401, 2401SS 19.1 541 80
2402, 2402SS 29.5 835 81
2403, 2403SS 39.8 1,127 82
2404, 2404SS 50.2 1,422 82
2405 60.6 1,716 82
2406 71.0 2,010 84
2407 81.3 2,302 85
2409 102.1 2,891 87
2411 122.8 3,477 89

Tested with .002″ (0.05mm) gap.

Changing Performance by Adding Shims

The compressed air exhausts through a gap that is set with a shim positioned between the cap and the body of the Super Air Wipe. The Super Air Wipe is shipped with a .002” (0.05mm) thick stainless steel shim installed, which works best for most applications. Force and flow may be easily increased by adding shims to open the gap. Increasing the gap opening offers higher velocity and harder hitting force. Air consumption and noise will be slightly higher.

Super Air Wipe shim sets include two .002” (0.05mm) stainless steel shims that can be stacked. Shim sets are included with all kits or can be purchased separately.

The Super Air Wipe Kit includes a stainless steel shim set, filter separator and pressure regulator (with coupler).


  • Drying after washing, cleaning, plating or coating
  • Blowoff dust and contaminants
  • Cool hot extruded shapes
  • Uniformly wipe surfaces
  • Dry extruded profiles, rod and medical tubing
  • Eliminate solution carryover – no cross contamination
  • Blow excess water from automotive door gaskets
  • Remove excess coatings, water and oil
  • Dry tube, hose, wire, fibre optics
  • Minimise solution loss due to drag-out
  • Clean paint gun tips
  • Dry screen printed or ink jetted surfaces
  • Clean strips and ribbon


  • Quiet
  • Low air consumption
  • Uniform 360° airflow
  • Stainless steel hardware resists corrosion
  • Aluminium models for temperatures up to 204°C (400°F)
  • Stainless steel models for temperatures up to 427°C (800°F)
  • Stainless steel hose supplied on sizes up to 4″ (102mm)
  • No electricity, no moving parts
  • Non-contact – no wiper blade
  • Split design – compact, rugged, easy to install
  • Lightweight, low profile
  • Tapped holes for mounting
  • Variable force and flow
  • Meets OSHA maximum dead end pressure and noise requirements

A Model 2404 4" (102mm) Super Air Wipe cleans a steel rod after processing

The stainless steel Super Air Wipe is ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications.

The Super Air Wipe eliminates the possibility of smoke during machining by wiping hydraulic oil from the bar stock as it enters the chuck.

The flanged end of an axle is lifted through a Super Air Wipe to blowoff chips after machining

A ½” (13mm) Super Air Wipe dries a wire as it exits a cooling bath.

The Model 2402 2" (51mm) Super Air Wipe cools PVC pipe as it is ejected from an extruder


Super Air Wipe-12
Model   A B C D
2399 in 3.13 1.13 0.38 2.38
mm 79 29 10 60
2400, 2400SS in 3.25 1.13 0.5 2.50
mm 83 29 13 64
2401, 2401SS in 3.75 1.13 1 2.95
mm 95 29 25 75
2402, 2402SS in 4.75 1.13 2 3.95
mm 121 29 51 100
2403, 2403SS in 5.75 1.13 3 4.95
mm 146 29 76 126
2404, 2404SS in 6.75 1.13 4 5.95
mm 172 29 102 151
2405 in 7.75 1.13 5 6.95
mm 197 29 127 176
2406 in 8.75 1.13 6 7.95
mm 222 29 152 202
2407 in 9.75 1.13 7 8.95
mm 248 29 178 227
2409 in 11.75 1.13 9 10.95
mm 299 29 229 278
2411 in 13.75 1.13 11 12.95
mm 349 29 279 329


Super Air Wipe Models
Super Air Wipe Only
Super Air Wipe Kits include a Super Air Wipe, shim set, filter separator and pressure regulator (with coupler)
Super Air Wipe Shim Sets include (2) .002″ (0.05mm) thick stainless steel shims
Inside Diameter Aluminium Super Air Wipe Only Model Aluminium Super Air Wipe Kit Model Stainless Steel Super Air Wipe Only Model Stainless Steel Super Air Wipe Kit Model Super Air Wipe Shim Set Model
3/8″ (10mm BP2399 BP2449 N/A N/A 2349SS
1/2″ (13mm) BP2400 BP2450 BP2400SS BP2450SS 2350SS
1″ (25mm) BP2401 BP2451 BP2401SS BP2451SS 2351SS
2″ (51mm) BP2402 BP2452 BP2402SS BP2452SS 2352SS
3″ (76mm) BP2403 BP2453 BP2403SS BP2453SS 2353SS
4″ (102mm) BP2404 BP2454 BP2404SS BP2454SS 2354SS
5″ (127mm) BP2405 BP2455 N/A N/A 2355SS
6″ (152mm) BP2406 BP2456 N/A N/A 2356SS
7″ (178mm) BP2407 BP2457 N/A N/A 2357SS
9″ (229mm) BP2409 BP2459 N/A N/A 2359SS
11″ (279mm) BP2411 BP2461 N/A N/A 2361SS


EFC Electronic Flow Control
Turn off the compressed air when it isn’t needed

EXAIR’s EFC™ is a user-friendly electronic flow control for compressed air that is designed to minimise compressed air use on blowoff, drying, cooling, conveying and static elimination operations. The EFC combines a photoelectric sensor with a timing control that limits compressed air use by turning it off when no part is present. The timing control permits easy tuning to the application requirements while providing flexibility in sensing distance

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Filters, Regulators, Valves & More

With proper filtration of dirt, moisture and oil from the compressed air supply, EXAIR compressed air products will operate for years with no maintenance required. Use a 5 micron or smaller filter separator on the compressed air supply. To prevent problems associated with oil, use a 0.03 micron or smaller oil removal filter on the compressed air supply. Pressure regulators permit easy selection of the operating pressure, providing infinite control of flow, force and air consumption

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