EFC™ Electronic Flow Control  For Compressed Air

Dramatically reduces compressed air costs by turning off the air when no part is present!

What Is The Electronic Flow Control?

EXAIR’s EFC is a user-friendly electronic flow control for compressed air that is designed to minimise compressed air use on blowoff, drying, cooling, conveying and static elimination operations. The EFC combines a photoelectric sensor with a timing control that limits compressed air use by turning it off when no part is present. The timing control permits easy tuning to the application requirements while providing flexibility in sensing distance. The EFC also has eight programmable on and off modes.

For most companies, the air compressor uses more electricity than any other type of equipment. One simple operation that uses compressed air can easily waste thousands of electricity dollars per year if not properly controlled. The EFC has been designed to improve efficiency by minimising compressed air use and, as a result, reduces compressed air costs. It turns on the air only when the part is present and provides just enough air to complete a specific task or operation.

The EFC has an easy electrical connection for voltages from 100 to 240VAC, 50/60 Hz making it suitable for applications throughout the world. The compact photoelectric sensor has a sensitivity adjustment and detects objects up to 1m (3-foot) away. The sensor has superior immunity to noise and inductive loads that are common to industrial environments and installs easily in tight spaces with the supplied mounting bracket. The control system provides flexibility with numerous valve operating modes and timing delays. The polycarbonate enclosure is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including those located in wet environments.

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The timing control unit and the photoelectric sensor are equipped with a 2.74m (9-foot) power cord. The timing control unit is housed in a polycarbonate NEMA 4 / IP66 water tight enclosure.

There are four models of the EFC. Each includes the timing control unit and photoelectric sensor with a choice of solenoid valve sizes of 40, 100, 200 and 350 SCFM (1,133, 2,832, 5,664 and 9,911 SLPM).

 40 SCFM Model 90551    100 SCFM Model 9056   200 SCFM Model 9057   350 SCFM Model 9064


  • Auto body blowoff
  • Package cleaning
  • Part drying after wash
  • Dust removal
  • Scrap removal
  • Filling operations
  • Cooling hot parts
  • Neutralising static
  • Cleaning moulded parts


  • Easy electrical hook-up: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • NEMA 4 / IP66 environments
  • Compact sensor for mounting in tight spaces
  • Eight function analogue timer for on/off, pulsing and delay control
  • Timer setting from 0.10 seconds to 120 hours
  • Sensor withstands water and dust for accurate readings
  • A sensor has superior immunity to noise and inductive loads
  • Sensor has long distance sensing up to 1m (3-feet)

The Electronic Flow Control turns off the compressed air when there is no part present.

Photoelectric sensor withstands water and dust

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$2,045.22 Annual Air Savings On A Flat Panel Display Blowoff

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Use the EFC to save more air with EXAIR's engineered airflow products.

Super Air Knife
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Adjustable Air Amplifiers

See how much money the Electronic Flow Control can save you!


Cost Saving Example 1

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Electronic Flow Control Specifications
Power Supply Input 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.25 – 0.45A
Power Supply Output (To Sensor) 24VDC at 0.65A
Sensor 12 – 24VDC input, consumes 30mA
Sensing Range Diffuse reflective to 1 metre (3-foot)
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4 / IP66
Temperature Rating -25°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
RoHS Compliant Yes
CE Compliant Yes

Models controlling two solenoid valves are available. Contact CAA.




Electronic Flow Control
Model Description
9055 Electronic Flow Control, 40 SCFM (1,133 SLPM), solenoid valve, 1/4″ NPT
9056 Electronic Flow Control, 100 SCFM (2,832 SLPM), solenoid valve, 1/2″ NPT
9057 Electronic Flow Control, 200 SCFM (5,664 SLPM), solenoid valve, 3/4″ NPT
9064 Electronic Flow Control, 350 SCFM (9,911 SLPM), solenoid valve, 1″ NPT

Models controlling two solenoid valves are available. Contact CAA for details.

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