TurboBlast® Safety Air Guns

Designed for extended use without fatigue during large clean-up jobs.

What is the TurboBlast Safety Air Gun?

EXAIR’s TurboBlast® Safety Air Guns produce the highest force values available through a comfortable, safe and easy to use handle.  TurboBlast Safety Air Guns with a gate valve allow for on-the-fly airflow adjustment when less or more airflow is demanded from the application.

The rugged cast aluminium handle is surrounded by an over-moulded soft, yet rugged elastomer grip that is UV and chemical resistant.  The handle houses a low-profile trigger button, which keeps the trigger protected if dropped.  An automatic air shut-off mechanism will engage if the TurboBlast gun is released or dropped, preventing injury to operators.  This trigger needs just a slight squeeze to activate any of EXAIR’s largest and most powerful air nozzles which can be used to remove stubborn debris, slag, flash or liquids from many harsh processes.  It will accommodate EXAIR’s five largest Super Air Nozzles, from ¾ NPT to 1-1/4 NPT and 2.04 to 10.43kg of force (4.5 to 23 pounds).

Base models include the 1-foot (305mm) extension but can also be ordered with a 3-foot (914mm) or 6-foot (1829mm) extension.  Nozzle guards are included for all models.

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  • Slag removal
  • Flash removal
  • Paper manufacturing clean up
  • Steel Mill clean up
  • Manufacturing clean up of stubborn debris/waste
  • Part cooling


  • Easy adjustment valve to control airflow blowing force (available on specific models)
  • Light touch activation trigger
  • “Dead Man’s” grip turns off airflow if handle is dropped
  • Highly ergonomic handle is insulated to protect from heat or cold
  • Integrated air nozzle guard
  • Improves safety and meets OSHA noise exposure and pressure standards

TurboBlast® Safety Air Gun

TurboBlast Safety Air Guns are extraordinary, ergonomic guns which produce very high airflow and force up to 23 pounds.

A soft grip houses a one finger, button trigger which activates a powerful airflow. These air guns include the option of a 3-foot (914mm) or 6-foot (1829mm) extension pipe for longer reach.

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TurboBlast® Adjustable Safety Air Gun

TurboBlast® Safety Air Gun with Nozzle and Adjustable Flow Gate Valve

These versions include the gate valve to allow for on-the-fly airflow adjustment when less or more airflow is demanded from the application.

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TurboBlast Safety Air Guns

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