Model 1100, 1100SS, 1100-PEEK, 1101 and 1101SS Super Air Nozzle

EXAIR’s award winning Super Air Nozzles deliver high performance suitable for a wide range of blowoff, drying and cooling applications. The aerodynamic design of this engineered Super Air Nozzle directs the air to a single point of convergence, delivering hard-hitting force. It dramatically reduces air consumption and, in many cases, can cut the noise level in half. All Super Air Nozzles eject the compressed air through holes located in recessed grooves that cannot be blocked or dead ended.


  Air Consumption Force* Sound Level
Model SCFM SLPM Ozs Grams dBA
1100 14 396 13 368 74
1100SS 14 396 13 368 74
1100-PEEK 14 396 13 368 74
1101 14 396 13 368 74
1101SS 14 396 13 368 74

* Force measured at 12″ (305mm) from target. Sound level measured at 36″ (914mm).
All measurements taken at 80 PSIG (5.5 BAR).

Dimensions & Airflow Pattern


1/4″ Super Air Nozzles
Model Inlet Material
BP1100 1/4 BSP Female Zinc Aluminium Alloy
BP1100SS 1/4 BSP Female Type 316 Stainless Steel
BP1100-PEEK 1/4 BSP Female PEEK Thermoplastic
BP1101 1/4 BSP Male Zinc Aluminium Alloy
BP1101SS 1/4 BSP Male Type 316 Stainless Steel


Swivel Fittings, Stay Set Hoses & More

EXAIR Swivel Fittings make it easy to adjust the aim of the Air Nozzles and Jets. Correct placement can help optimise performance and improve efficiency. Add Flexible Stay Set Hoses and Magnetic Bases for applications where frequent repositioning of the Air Nozzles or Jets is required.

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Filters, Regulators, Valves & More

With proper filtration of dirt, moisture and oil from the compressed air supply, EXAIR compressed air products will operate for years with no maintenance required. Use a 5 micron or smaller filter separator on the compressed air supply. To prevent problems associated with oil, use a 0.03 micron or smaller oil removal filter on the compressed air supply. Pressure regulators permit easy selection of the operating pressure, providing infinite control of flow, force and air consumption.

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Installation and Maintenance Guides

Air Nozzles, Air Jets & Safety Air Guns

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Air Nozzles & Jets PDF Brochure

Blowoff Guide PDF Brochure

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