ToolReg® In-line Air Regulator

2nd June, 2020

Factory set to prevent pressure changes, the ToolReg® is fully tamper-proof and ensures that only the required pressure is used for each individual pneumatic tool. The automatic secondary pressure relief releases all the residual pressure in the pneumatic tool to prevent unexpected activation (common in nail guns and staplers).

Compressed air is expensive to generate as there is a lot of energy (electrical and mechanical) involved in producing it.  If compressed air usage is not managed correctly, you can literally blow away your money.

Higher compressed air pressures require far more energy to produce. On average, the air compressor requires 1% more energy for every 0.15 Bar increase in compressed air pressure.

Each pneumatic tool is designed to perform best at a given pressure. Operating the tool at a higher pressure not only reduces the performance but also shortens the possible lifecycle of the tool.

The ToolReg® is an economical investment for energy efficiency.  It optimizes performance and lengthens the lifespan of the tool, as well as preventing loss of production time due to the damaged tool being out for repairs.

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