HoseGuard® Air Safety Fuses

2nd June, 2020

Installing an air safety fuse can eliminate whiplash hazard and guard against accidental puncture or unexpected maintenance issues. If a pressurised air line bursts, or a hose coupling accidentally releases, this can result in a thrashing hose becoming a dangerous projectile. The dangers increase dramatically if an air tool is attached or the line is a large diameter.

Protect-Air HoseGuard® air safety fuses offer simple and effective protection of your most valuable assets: your employees, machinery and equipment. The HoseGuard® immediately shuts off the air flow should the volume of air exceed a set value. This value is factory preset to allow normal air consumption when using air tools.

In the event that the air line is severed and the air consumption exceeds the set value, an internal piston instantly shuts off the main flow. An integral bleed hole allows a small amount of air to flow through, enabling the HoseGuard® to automatically reset once the main break is repaired.

The HoseGuard® is an innovative system to protect compressed air hoses and pipes. This lightweight and compact product is ideal for all industry situations where compressed air is used.

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