EXAIR’s New Catalogue 33 Features new Safety Air Guns, Static Eliminators, Atomizing Nozzles and Industrial Vacuums

25th August, 2021

EXAIR’s new Catalogue 33 is our best catalogue yet; a full colour technical guide offering solutions to common industrial conveying, cooling, cleaning, blowoff, drying, coating and static electricity problems. The greatly expanded Catalogue 33 introduces new VariBlast Precision Safety Air Guns, the Intellistat Static Eliminators, Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzles, and the EasySwitch Wet-Dry vacuum. A best practices section for using compressed air products has also been added.

VariBlast Precision Safety Air Guns allow you to use only the flow you want with trigger control. They are lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable and have three extension lengths available. The Intellistat Ion Air Gun Static Eliminator is built for laboratories, scientific testing, clean processes and sensitive assembly work. This catalogue also introduces Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzles in a full or hollow cone spray pattern that are used to cool, wash, rinse and suppress dust. These liquid spray nozzles are made of 303 stainless steel to provide durability and corrosion resistance that works with many liquids. The EasySwitch Wet-Dry industrial vacuum changes from liquid mode to dry mode in less than 10 seconds with no tools, springs or hardware.

EXAIR products help companies conserve compressed air, reduce dangerous noise levels and eliminate harmful dead-end pressures. Detailed technical explanations, performance data, application photos and dimensional drawings are provided for each product.

To request your free copy of EXAIR’s new Catalogue 33, please email us at info@caasafety.com.au, call us on 1300 787 688 or click here to complete a Catalogue 33 request online.

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