Air Gun with Scraping Ability Removes Stubborn Debris

15th August, 2018

EXAIR’s Soft Grip Super Air Scraper™ is a safety air gun designed to help remove the most stubborn debris found within industrial facilities. The patent pending design uses a scraping blade to aid the powerful compressed air flow for removal of debris. This product is perfect for removal of caulk, sealant, adhesives, tape, paint, stickers, labels, grease, lubricant and difficult to sweep metal chips, flakes or discs.

The electroless nickel plated spring steel scraper is used in combination with EXAIR’s 2″ (51mm) Flat Super Air Nozzle and installed upon the Soft Grip Safety Air Gun to provide power, durability, corrosion resistance and comfort. The CE compliant Soft Grip Super Air Scraper is available with extensions from 2″ up to 72″ (51 up to 1829mm) long to aid in cleaning table tops, inside machines, reaching the floor or other remote surfaces. EXAIR’s air nozzles meet OSHA standards for dead-end pressure and noise exposure. Chip shields are also available.

Available from Compressed Air Australia, all of EXAIR’s Safety Air Gun product lines use engineered air nozzles for high performance and safety – designed to maximise safety and minimise air consumption. The Heavy Duty and VariBlast Safety Air Guns provide higher force and variable flow, respectively. All EXAIR Safety Air Guns are available with extension pipes and Chip Shields. For further details, please click here.

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