Can I use a Vortex Tube instead of a Cabinet Cooler to cool my electrical enclosure?

Yes, Cabinet Coolers are simply Vortex Tubes engineered for the specific purpose of cooling a cabinet. A Vortex Tube will perform the same as a Cabinet Cooler, but there are distinct advantages to using the Cabinet Cooler for cooling a panel:

Cabinet Coolers are available in models that are UL Listed to maintain the NEMA (IP) integrity of electrical panels. Vortex Tubes do not provide this level of protection.

Cabinet Coolers have built in sound attenuation.

Cabinet Coolers have a built-in vent to allow warm air to escape from the cabinet.

Cabinet Coolers are pre-set for maximum refrigeration and the setting cannot be changed. Vortex Tubes can be adjusted in the field, leaving them susceptible to mis-adjustment and inefficient operation.

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