What’s the best way to mount an EXAIR Air Knife?

There are three mounting options:

EXAIR’s Universal Air Knife Mounting System can be used for all styles of Air Knives and Ion Air Knives.

Use existing mounting holes/cap screws:

(a) The Super Air Knife has 1/4-20 tapped holes on 2″ centres along the length of the Air Knife which can be used for mounting.

(b) With the Super or the Standard Air Knife you may choose to replace the existing cap screws with longer 1/4-20 threaded fasteners for mounting.

(c) Along the length of the Full-Flow Air Knife there are 10-24 tapped holes on 1-1/2″ centres knife that can be used for mounting. Or, the existing 10-24 cap screws may be replaced with longer threaded fasteners.

You can hard plumb the compressed air lines to both ends and use the piping to support the Super and Standard Air Knives. Plumbing to both ends is required for Air Knives 24″ (610mm) and longer but is also perfectly acceptable for shorter lengths.

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