What is the difference between the Super Air Amplifier and the Adjustable air Amplifier?

Super Air Amplifiers are only available in aluminium; Adjustable Air Amplifiers are available in aluminium and stainless steel. All sizes of Super Air Amplifiers have a 2-bolt flange (except the 8″ [203mm] Super Air Amplifier) moulded into the body for mounting; Adjustable Air Amplifiers need to be mounted externally or with hard piping.

The main difference is in the operation of the devices: Super Air Amplifiers incorporate a patented shim to set the air gap, allowing them to consume 40% less air than Adjustable Air Amplifiers. This patented shim design also allows for higher air amplification ratios than the Adjustable Air Amplifier models.

To decrease the air consumption of Adjustable Air Amplifiers and have a set air gap, the Super Air Amplifier Shims can also be used on the Adjustable Air Amplifiers.

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