Can the output of a Vortex Tube be connected to an Air Amplifier or Air Knife?

No, for the Vortex Tube to operate properly, the cold outlet should not be subject to any restrictions that would produce back pressure in excess of 5 PSIG. The hot end exhaust can withstand pressure up to 30 PSIG, depending on the cold fraction.

An Air Amplifier or Air Knife would restrict the flow of a Vortex Tube to the point where the back pressure is excessive and severely limit the Vortex Tube’s cooling capacity.

It would be unrealistic to expect a temperature decrease in the total output flow of either an Air Amplifier or Air Knife with chilled compressed air if the goal were chilled airflow. Compressed Air is only a small fraction of the total airflow output from these devices. The net temperature of the airflow out of the Air Amplifier or Air Knife will be a mix of compressed and ambient air, with the ambient air being the greater part of the volume. Effectively, the airflow is going to be the same or very close to the ambient temperature surrounding an Air Amplifier or Air Knife.

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