Roaring Banana Breath

The Problem

A company that designs major attractions for theme parks created a huge gorilla to startle the patrons. The animators wanted the oversized ape to appear as “life-like” as possible. To accomplish this, they used a series of motors and cylinders to make the movement of the eyes, hands, arms and torso appear realistic. They also installed a large speaker system to play an audio sample of a loud roar that matched the mammoth size. The finishing touch was to find a way to create a powerful blast of air that smelled like bananas each time the big ape’s mouth opened. Attempts using an electrically powered blower proved unsuccessful due to the noise and the inability to obtain an “instant on” blast of air.

The Solution

They installed a tank of banana extract in the gorilla’s belly and connected it to his mouth with a Model 120028 8” (203mm) Super Air Amplifier. As the spectators moved into position, a sensor activated the electronics, setting “Old Banana Breath” (name given by the designers) into motion. With a swift movement toward the crowd, his mouth opens and the Super Air Amplifier provides an instantaneous blast of high velocity air (filled with banana fumes) at them.


Why did the engineers select the Super Air Amplifier? First, simplicity. There are no moving parts to wear out or require maintenance. It uses only filtered compressed air and the power source. Second is the big instantaneous blast of high volume, high velocity airflow that couldn’t be obtained using a blower or air nozzles. When it comes to special effects, Super Air Amplifiers are the way to go. When you watch the movies or visit the theme parks and see a fast moving fog, smoke effects, or objects flying through the air, chances are a Super Air Amplifier is being used.

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