Cooling in a Hostile Environment

The Problem

A traditional refrigerant based air conditioner was installed on wastewater clarifier controls but could not withstand the harsh chemical environment of the wastewater industry. Controls on a wastewater clarifier process were mounted outdoors and experienced weather-related overheating problems in the hotter months of the year. Not only did higher temperatures compromise the performance of the traditional refrigerant based air conditioner, the corrosive environment from the many different wastewater chemicals, acids and bases prematurely wore the critical moving parts of the air conditioner.

The Solution

A Model 4850SS-316 Cabinet Cooler System provided 3,400 Btu/hr. (857 Kcal/hr.) of cooling for the clarifier controls and kept them running efficiently. The Cabinet Cooler is resistant to seasonal temperature fluctuations because it operates from a source of compressed air and not ambient air. The 316 Stainless Steel construction also provided high corrosion resistance to the chemical environment. Since EXAIR Cabinet Coolers have no moving parts, another maintenance concern was eliminated.


The inherent reliability of the vortex tube operated Cabinet Cooler System is another important advantage in this application. Because they have no moving parts, EXAIR Cabinet Coolers are virtually impervious to hostile environments. Wastewater treatment, chemical processing, paper manufacturing, steel mills and power generation are just a few of the facilities benefitting from this simple, yet effective technology.

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