Cabinet Coolers Keep Working at Full Capacity After Seven Years of Near Constant Operation

The Problem

A manufacturer of automotive radiators had a problem relating to an overheated motor drive which caused one of their two production lines to come to a stop. They used a refrigerant based air conditioner set on the panel, but the air conditioner began leaking water into the inside of the panel. The water got into the motor drive, shorted it out and caused the production line to go down. Not only was production down for 1 month, but the motor drive cost them $20,000 to replace by the time they purchased, had it shipped and got it installed.

The Solution

The manufacturer was unsure of what they were going to use for an air conditioning unit because the motor drives had to stay cool. They purchased EXAIR’s Model 4330 NEMA 12 2,000 Btu/hr. (504 Kcal/hr.) Cabinet Cooler System with thermostat control for the panel. The Cabinet Cooler System worked perfectly at solving the cooling problem.
Seven years later, this manufacturer contacted EXAIR for another application. They mentioned the old EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System still on the motor drive panel, cranking out cold air. No maintenance had been performed on the Cabinet Cooler System in that time (as none was necessary) even though the environment was quite dirty. It was still working perfectly!


When we talk to customers about the EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems, one of their initial concerns is how long they last. With a source of clean/dry compressed air, the lifespan of a Cabinet Cooler can easily be in the range of 20 years or more, since there are no moving parts to wear out. In that time frame, you could have to purchase four refrigerant based units, pay to have them changed out and pay for them to be maintained 2 – 4 times per year, changing filters, replacing compressors, and recharging refrigerant. Not only does the Cabinet Cooler last a long time, but when it is operating, it produces a positive pressure inside the panel which keeps dust and debris from getting inside your cabinet over time.

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