A Manufacturer of Perfumes and Fragrances Eliminates Dust from Their Packages

The Problem

A manufacturer of perfumes and fragrances had a problem with the packaging of their fine perfumes. The conveyor belt used to transport the boxes to the cellophane sealer rubbed against the box surface and induced a sizable static electricity charge on it that made it a “dust magnet”. The cardboard dust and particulates in their facility would land on the perfume boxes that were sent through the cellophane sealer. The trapped dust gave a poor appearance to the finished package. The company refused to let the boxes with the poor appearance leave their facility. Attempts to clean them using ordinary air guns produced poor results.

The Solution

The company installed a Model 112018 18” (457mm) Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife prior to the box entering the sealer. The charged surface was completely neutralised with the ionised airflow and the dust and particulates were blown away. The cellophane covered boxes were perfectly clean.


EXAIR’s Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife is used for applications just like these where appearance is vital to the sale of the product. The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife is commonly used for pre-package cleaning, bag opening and filling operations, cleaning automobile bodies prior to painting, web cleaning, as well as eliminating jams, tears and those painful static electricity shocks.

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