Dust Removal from Car Bodies

The Problem

Car bodies are primer coated, then sanded before entering the paint booth. Priming dust, attracted to the car body by a static charge, creates imperfections that are captured and magnified in the painting process.

The Solution

An “archway” of Model 112024 24” (610mm) Gen4 Super Ion Air Knives was installed upstream of the paint booth. As the car bodies pass through, a high velocity sheet of ionised air neutralises the static charge to release the dust and blow it toward a collection system.


Non-turbulent airflow was the reason this cleaning system worked so well. The compact Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife has the ability to move the bulk of the static eliminating ions to the car surface. It can be adjusted from a gentle breeze of air to a pounding blast, with instant “on/off” capability. Uniform airflow across the entire length assures that all car body surfaces are neutralised and dust free. Best of all, the Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife is easy on the compressed air system and worker’s ears. They use much less compressed air than standard blowoffs and are around 69 dBA in most applications.
EXAIR’s EFC is an Electronic Flow Control for compressed air. It can sense when there is no car present and will automatically turn off the compressed air until the next car is moved into position. It is a perfect addition to this type of application.

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