Smoke Containment During Engine Test

The Problem

The last step in an engine assembly process is “burn-in” on a test stand. Each engine is connected to a dynamometer and run for a period of one to five minutes. Residual machining oil on the head produced smoke during the test, and the vent hood at the top of the stand had insufficient capacity to contain it.

The Solution

A Model 110024 24” (610mm) Super Air Knife was mounted on both sides of the test stand. The sheet or “wall” of air produced by the Super Air Knife, captured, contained and diluted the smoke while directing it towards the vent hood. The environmental problem was solved without obstructing the technician’s observation of, or access to the stand.


The use of the Super Air Knife for containment and separation is becoming increasingly common. The advantage, as illustrated here, is the ability of the Super Air Knife to create a screen or barrier with no obstruction. Other typical applications in this mode are:

  • Retaining heat in curing and drying ovens
  • Protecting workers from coolant splatter
  • Isolating industrial camera lenses from airborne contaminants

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