Bakery Creates Clean Break In Icing

The Problem

A bakery had a problem applying the icing to their snack cakes. As the baked sponge cakes moved down the conveyor, a continuous ribbon of icing was applied to the individual cakes. Trying to make a clean break in the icing was next to impossible. Mechanical blades required constant cleaning. Compressed air through a series of holes in drilled pipe used too much air, was noisy and didn’t make a clean break in the icing.

The Solution

A Model 110018SS 18” (457mm) Stainless Steel Super Air Knife was installed across the conveyor. A photo eye is used to detect the space between the cakes and turn the compressed air on at the precise moment to apply uniform airflow and velocity against the ribbon of icing, creating a nice, clean break.


The Stainless Steel Super Air Knife was the best choice for this application. Since there was no contact with the icing, no additional cleaning was required. The laminar flow of the Super Air Knife has uniform velocity across the entire length and broke the ribbon of icing evenly. This would never have been possible with the spikes of air from a drilled pipe, nozzles or a blower.

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